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Marquette Model Natural Family Planning

The Marquette Model (MM) system of NFP brings 21st century technology to NFP by using the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor, a device used at home which measures two different hormone levels in urine to estimate the beginning and end of the time of fertility in a women's menstrual cycle. The information from the monitor can be used in conjunction with other biological indicators of fertility. The MM was developed by professional nurses and physicians at Marquette University in the late 1990s.  Research has shown that the Marquette Method of NFP can be up to 99% effective at avoiding unintended pregnancies when practiced correctly, and with the guidance of a Marquette Method instructor.

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NFP for Every Season of Life


NFP for Newbies

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about Marquette Method NFP to practice it with confidence in your marriage. You will learn how to determine the fertile and infertile times in your cycle to either become pregnant or to avoid pregnancy. You will also learn about special circumstances, such as how breastfeeding, diet, stress, and prior hormonal contraception use affect your fertility. This course is ideal for those who have never practiced NFP, have not practiced NFP for several years, or are coming off birth control. This course meets twice and includes a manual, charts, and a full year of unlimited online support. **Please ask how this course will fulfill the marriage preparation requirements required by your diocese, if necessary.

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NFP while Breastfeeding

Many women love Marquette Method when they are breastfeeding. Using the fertility monitor takes a lot of guess work out of this stage of life. Marquette works very well for breastfeeding women who have or have not had their menstrual cycles resume. One study found that using other mucus-based methods of NFP to determine potentially fertile days before a woman’s cycle returns would require abstinence for 52% of the time. In contrast, the Marquette Method Breastfeeding Protocol identified only 16% of the days as potentially fertile and requiring abstinence. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about switching from another method to Marquette for Breastfeeding. Marquette has a well-researched 98% efficacy rate. This course meets once and includes a full year of support, charts, and a manual. 


Marquette Private Instruction

Private instruction is available, please contact me about this service.

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